Mango Outgrowers Project

About 75 percent of Sierra Leone’s land is considered suitable for farming. And, while nearly 65-70% of the 6.2 million people in Sierra Leone are engaged in some form of agriculture, the average farming family lives off of in Sierra Leone only consumes 1-2 meals per day.

Recognizing that Sierra Leone has an abundance of wild mangos that regularly rot due to the lack of high-scale demand, World Hope International (WHI) works to establish a supply chain that connects local farmers to international exporters. The Mango Outgrowers Project is helping to combat hunger, provide food security and promote income generation in rural Sierra Leone.

Our Response

The Outgrowers Project targets smallholder farms with the goal of developing sustainable, culturally relevant agribusiness enterprises at the village level. World Hope International organizes participating farmers into village cooperatives so they can work more effectively with one another. Each cooperative is able to set the terms of their supply agreement to ensure standard, fair pricing upon delivery and is linked directly to an international juice processing company as a supplier.

The processing company, Africa Felix Juice (AFJ), is the first tenant of the FIRST STEP Special Economic Zone. A subsidiary of WHI, FIRST STEP is an impact enterprise that operates industrial parks that facilitate foreign direct investment in Sierra Leone. WHI works closely with FIRST STEP and AFJ to ensure the supply chain is sustainable and mutually beneficial.

As a result, 157 villages collect and transport mangoes to AFJ in May and June each year. Thanks to Sierra Leonean farmers, AFJ is able to purchase and process up to two million pounds of mango during the 2-3 month mango season each year. AFJ’s global clients include buyers from the U.K., the Netherlands, Germany, and the U.S. To date, AFJ and WHI have created more than 5000 jobs through the mango program, which remains a success with farmers who benefit from a steady income, education, training and more.

How to get involved

To support the Mango Outgrowers project in Sierra Leone, donate now or contact us to find out how to become a village cooperative sponsor.


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