Anti-Trafficking and Gender-based Violence

World Hope International believes in God’s desire for freedom and justice for the oppressed, the downtrodden, the abused and exploited. We believe in mercy and compassion for the last, the least, and the lost. We believe in healing for the broken, in recovery and restoration for the victims of human trafficking and sexual predation.

These beliefs are our passion; they are the reasons why we work so hard every day to serve victims of human trafficking and gender-based violence, and why we are committed to doing all we can to prevent such crimes from happening in the first place.

To learn more about WHI’s current anti-trafficking efforts, read the 2015 Anti-Trafficking Annual Report.

International Programs

From 2005 to 2015, WHI responded to exceptionally high levels of sex trafficking and rape in Cambodia by opening the first and only Assessment Center for Survivors of Sexual Exploitation and Rape (AC) in Phnom Penh in June 2005. For a decade, WHl was at the forefront of the movement to eradicate human trafficking in Cambodia as the AC served as the first stop for victims on their path towards recovery providing immediate health needs and life-skills training. In 2015, WHI celebrated a major reduction in the level of child sex trafficking in Cambodia.  During the 10 years the AC was operational, WHI had the privilege to support over 1,100 sexually trafficked and exploited girls, helping them begin their journey towards healing. The program was recognized by the U.S. Department of State as a best in-practice for this type of high trauma care.  Moving forward, WHI will be working with the United Nations on a new program aimed at eradicating violence against women in Cambodia.

Papu New Guinea

Through community education, personal development and empowerment programmes and quality health care, World Hope International intents to address the dire situation in PNG of gender violence.  With statistics as high as 79% of women experiencing domestic violence, World Hope International sees this as a critical need in PNG.


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