Prevention & Education

Traffickers target vulnerable people, using lies to prey on those desperate for a better life. Prevention, through education and networking at the community level, is key to protecting those susceptible to trafficking. WHI utilizes public awareness and targeted education to train community stakeholders to identify the signs of human trafficking, where to report it, and how to work with local authorities to keep it out of their communities. Local leaders are often trained and empowered to monitor and report trafficking activity, encouraging community-wide accountability in the fight against slavery.

WHI prevents human trafficking through education in some of the most vulnerable countries in the world:


World Hope International offers regular seminars in villages connected with our Rural & Economic Development programs to educate them on the signs of trafficking.

Sierra Leone

Community watch groups are important to identifying human trafficking in Sierra Leone. World Hope International regularly educates communities on the signs of human trafficking, but also helps to form and train local groups who work with authorities to identify traffickers or trafficking victims.


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