Sponsoring Churches: 
Presque Isle Wesleyan Church
Presque Isle, ME
Central Wesleyan Church
Holland, MI
First Wesleyan Church
Waterloo, IA
Victory Highway Wesleyan Church Legacy Builders
Painted Post, NY
Daybreak Church
Hudsonville, MI
Lifechange Community Church
Burnips, MI
United Church
Dover, DE
First Wesleyan Church
Bessemer City, NC
Independent Traditional Holiness Church
Homer City, PA
El Cajon Wesleyan Church
El Cajon, CA
Fellowshiop Wesleyan Church
West Seneca, NY
Fremont Wesleyan Church
Fremont, MI
Greeley Wesleyan Church
Greeley, CO
Grace Fellowship Wesleyan Church
Princeton, IN
Hope Wesleyan Haitian Church
Naples, FL
Wesleyan Methodist Church Of Australia
Mackenzie, QLD
Radford Wesleyan Church
Radford, VA
Sault Wesleyan Church
Sault Ste. Marie, MI

Springfield Wesleyan Church
Springfield, MA
Harvest Christian Fellowship
Newark, DE

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We prayed for Haiti and with your help, we’ve provided life-saving water filters, hygiene kits and emergency supplies to the victims of Hurricane Matthew.

What is happening in Haiti?

On October 4, 2016, Haiti was devastated by Hurricane Matthew, the most powerful Caribbean hurricane in nearly a decade. While the real number of causalities may never be known the country's Directorate of Civil Protection, estimates the death toll to be over 500 people. About 175,000 people remain homeless, and the U.N. says 1.4 million need food assistance. In addition, an outbreak of cholera, a deadly diarrheal illness that spreads through contaminated water, has already begun.

How is World Hope providing relief?

World Hope’s experience in disaster relief programs in Haiti, and relationship with the Wesleyan Church of Haiti has uniquely poised us to respond to this devastation. We learned during the early stages of hurricane relief that clean water and sanitation items were the biggest need, particularly to fight the growing cholera outbreak.

World Hope delivered shipments of 2,000 water filters, 2,520 hygiene kits and 342 tarps to the most affected areas of Haiti. Each high-quality, bucket-based filter uses dialysis technology to purify one liter of water every two minutes, and hundreds of thousands of gallons over its lifetime. The hygiene kits include a full-size bottle of shampoo, toothbrush, tube of toothpaste, comb, bar of soap, washcloth, and reusable sling bag. These same kits proved to be immensely valuable during the earthquake response in Ecuador earlier this year. 

How can I help?

Sponsor a child in Haiti today!

Sponsors through World Hope International’s Child Sponsorship program in Haiti support more than 150 children throughout the country. We praise God that all children in the program are safe, but like so many families in Haiti, many are still facing life-threatening fears such as food scarcity and the increasing risk of cholera.

Help make a difference in the lives of these children by becoming a sponsor.


Sponsor a Child

Continued Prayers

Our Haitian brothers and sisters still need our help and prayers as they begin the long process of restoring their country from the devastation of the hurricane.

World Hope International was there for Haiti following the devastating earthquake six years ago and, with your help, we continue to support the country with its recovery after Hurricane Matthew.

We thank you for your prayers and donations, which have so far helped hundreds of Haitians.