World Hope International has been working in the Pacific for 10 years now in the area of Education and Healthcare.  Working with our partners, the Wesleyan Church to bring community development to the Highlands Regions of Papua New Guinea and emergency relief to villages in the Solomon Islands effected by the 2007 tsunami.

Papua New Guinea

Professional development to Elementary Teachers: Through weeklong workshops provides opportunity to improve quality of teaching and create classroom resources and Mobile Backpack Libraries. These Backpack Libraries have up to 30 books in them which are used both as a teaching resource for the Elementary Teachers but also reading material for the children so they can learn to read as well as learn about the world outside of their community and country.

Village Birth Attendants: The PNG National Department of Health estimate that least five women die in childbirth every day. 42% of women do not give birth at a health facility or hospital and 22% of pregnant women do not receive any formal antenatal care. Training of Village Birth Attendants and putting sterile tools in their hands will improve the quality of healthcare for pregnant mothers and their babies.