Give Your Sponsored Child a Special Gift

Celebrating special days in your sponsored child’s life is a great way to help him or her begin to understand just how much they mean to you! You can give an extra gift to the Special Gift Fund at any time during the year on behalf of your sponsored child. 

When you give a recommended gift of $10-$25 to the Special Gift Fund, it benefits all children impacted by child sponsorship and is used in meaningful ways, including:

  • Distributing birthday and/or Christmas gifts,
  • Additional food or clothing support, if needed within a project, and often;
  • Christmas parties, complete with food, gifts, and so much fun!

*Gifts and celebrations made possible by your donation are shared among all sponsored children, ensuring that everyone is celebrated and no one is left out.

Gifts are often purchased within the community, which helps strengthen the local economy. And, when you give a gift, your sponsored child receives a card letting them know that you made the special celebration possible!